Our pricing structure

Pricing for construction work can sometimes get complicated, so we aim to keep our pricing simple and transparent.

Green Unit’s ARC guide pricing varies depending on the size of each modular building project, with indicative guide pricing ranging £1,849 – £2,276 per useable square metre (excluding VAT).

As a general principle, the cost per sqm of our ARC buildings falls as the overall building size increases. There are slight differences in cost per sqm between the ARC I and ARC II.

We use the useable square metre because the curved building design of our ARC buildings provides additional ‘useable’ space over and above the floor area. The useable space offers between 12% and 20% extra space within our ARC II and ARC I buildings respectively.

The additional space provided by the curved structure can be used for storage or built-in furniture. For instance, desks built into the curve within offices, banquette-style seating in cafés and community spaces, and beds in accommodation.

We also use the Gross Internal Area (GIA) for our pricing as it is a commonly used dimension.

For price guides for our garden office building, the STUDIO, please visit this page.

How our ARC pricing works

This table shows costs for useable sqm and Gross Internal Area (GIA), and indicative guide costs for sizes of ARC I and ARC II buildings. For example, indicative pricing for a 50qm (GIA) ARC I building would be £136,538 ex. VAT.
Note that all guide prices in the table are based on one ARC building, exclude VAT, and are subject to change. See below for information on what guide costs include.

  Useable sqm Useable cost / sqm (£) GIA sqm GIA / sqm (£) Total building cost
ARC I  50 sqm GIA 60 2,276 50 2,731 £136,538
ARC I 100 sqm GIA 120 2,118 100 2,541 £254,145
ARC I 150 sqm GIA 180 2,061 150 2,474 £371,035
ARC II  50 sqm GIA 56 2,362 50 2,645 £132,257
ARC II 100sqm GIA 112 2,028 100 2,272 £227,184
ARC II 150sqm GIA 168 2,008 150 2,248 £337,273
ARC II 200sqm GIA 224 1,849 200 2,071 £414,118

Guide price inclusions and exclusions

Included in costings

  • One linear ARC building
  • Front glazed fascia with door (150sqm and 200sqm ARC II buildings have two glazed ends)
  • Rear solid wall (except instances of glazed rear unit, as above)
  • Windows (average of 4 wall windows per road transportable section)
  • Option for engineered oak flooring
  • Electrical installation (power, sockets, lights)
  • Green (sedum) roof
  • Electric underfloor heating
  • MVHR system (Mechanical ventilation and heat recovery)
  • Haulage to site (within 50 miles of Green Unit’s factory – assumes there are no access issues)
  • Cranage (assumes the crane set and access is not problematic)
  • Building Regulation certification costs.

Bespoke items and foundations are costed separately. Further information is available in our Price Guide.

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