ARC II: our wider modular building

The ARC II is our wide modular building, suited for large, public spaces such as visitor centres, retail and hospitality, educational spaces, community centres, and offices. For smaller, more intimate spaces, see our ARC I model.

The project brief and the space available usually determine whether a ARC I or ARC II is the most suitable.

ARC II buildings can be designed and built to any length. We can also design spaces as a collection of buildings, linked in a number of ways, such as L, T, or H shaped formations, with linking walk-ways if required. There is a lot of flexibility with our design, and we enjoy designing unique schemes to fit individual needs.

ARC II – Key dimensions

The key internal and external heights and widths of our ARC I model are outlined below. Heights and widths of our modular structures don’t change, but ARC buildings can be built to any length.

Internal dimensions

  • Internal floor width 6.4m
  • Internal height 2.4m (at highest point)
  • Internal width 7.2m (at widest point)

External dimensions

  • External footprint width 6.6m
  • External width 7.8m (at widest point)
  • External overall height 3.2m
  • External height 2.7m (based on ARC floor at ground level, with foundation base 0.5m below ground level)

The dimensions of the ARC II have been designed to balance the ability to create a large public building with logistics of transportation and to minimise waste during the production process.



Our budget indicative costings are the same across both ARC I and ARC II modular buildings as our pricing is calculated per sqm. We provide indicative guide prices initially, and can provide a custom quotation at the point of engaging in a design consultation.

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