ARC I: our smallest modular building

The ARC I is our smallest width eco-building. It can be used for any type of building requirement, though the smaller width size lends itself to more intimate or private activities such as therapy and consulting rooms, yoga and wellness spaces, holiday homes and other accommodation, or small offices.

For larger, public spaces that have a higher footfall, see our ARC II model.

The choice between the ARC I or ARC II is usually led by the overall requirements of the space, as well as the available space within the plot of land.

Read about the ARC I holiday unit at Great Field Farm in Kent. 

ARC I buildings can be single pod-style units, or can be built to any length using Green Unit’s modular design and build process.

They can also be connected as a series of buildings, linked in a number of ways, for instance in L, T, or H shaped formations.

ARC I – Key dimensions

The key internal and external heights and widths of our ARC I model are outlined below. Heights and widths of our modular ARC structures don’t change, but all of our ARC buildings can be built to any length.

Internal dimensions

  • Internal floor width 4.0m
  • Internal height 2.4m (at highest point)
  • Internal width 4.8m (at widest point)

External dimensions

  • External footprint width 4.5m
  • External width 5.4m (at widest point)
  • External overall height 3.2m
  • External height 2.7m (based on ARC floor at ground level, with foundation base 0.5m below ground level)

The dimensions of the ARC I have been designed for ease of transportation and to minimise waste during the production process.

Guide pricing

ARC I pricing

Our guide pricing for our ARC I buildings ranges £2,061 – £2,276 per useable square metre (excluding VAT). A guide price for a 60sqm (useable space) ARC I building would be £136,538 ex. VAT – this size of ARC I building equals 50sqm Gross Internal Area (GIA).

We use the useable square metre because the curved building design of our ARC buildings provides additional ‘useable’ space over and above the floor area, thanks to the ARC’s curved structure. The ARC I offers 20% extra space on the Gross Internal Area (GIA).

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