Welcoming and impactful

Modular retail buildings

Our uniquely curved, modular retail buildings are designed to feel welcoming and make an impact on your customers.

With the rise in online shopping, the retail environment will need to evolve to create a unique, welcoming, and uplifting experience to boost your customers’ moods and improve your business. Our unique curved ARC buildings create an uplifting and welcoming customer experience.

Our architect-designed, modular engineered approach enables us to offer retail space that is cost effective, bespoke, and built much more quickly than traditional construction. Our proven production process ensures that you receive a highly robust modular retail unit built to precise standards that exceeds building regulations.

We build approximately 95% of the retail unit offsite, meaning that there is minimal disruption to your existing business. We are usually only onsite for delivery and installation for a matter of days. Our modular retail units can also be connected to existing buildings using interlinking sections and covered walkways.  The modular design, whilst no less robust or permanent than traditional buildings, means that our buildings can be demounted relocated to another site in the future.

Modular shop design

We aim to design and build a unique yet functional retail environment that delivers everything that you need. We’ll work with you in a custom design consultation to factor all requirements during the early phases of any project.

We’ll discuss the requirements for your shop or retail space, which might include different shelving areas for optimal stock display and merchandising, desk and counter, store cupboards and even a back office. If WCs are required for customers, we can also incorporate these facilities. We can also design and build display systems that work intuitively with the ARC’s curved design.

Efficient, low carbon retail

Creating high impact, design focused buildings is important, but even more important is ensuring that we design and build a highly energy efficient and sustainable building with low embodied carbon.

By using high levels of insulation and focusing on airtightness, we can maximise the building’s energy efficiency in order to reduce your running costs and create a comfortable space for your customers.

We can also incorporate renewable energy solutions, such as solar PV or heat pumps, into the shop’s design, if required.

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