Holiday retreats & hotels

Unique guest experiences

Eco-friendly, modular holiday accommodation

We work with hotels, country estates, resorts, businesses and individuals to create truly incredible modular ARC holiday retreats and overnight accommodation.

Our modular ARC building system has flexible design options to create bespoke guest accommodation. We offer every client a custom design consultation to design a space that works perfectly for your requirements and location.

“We just fell in love with the design and concept of the ARC. We chose it as we liked that it could be built under cover in the winter, is delivered practically complete, and that disruption on our site would be minimal, so not affecting our other holiday guests”
Malcolm and Lewana Castle

Great Field Farm, Luxury bed & breakfast and self catering accommodation

Why choose the ARC by Green Unit?

  • Ultra-low carbon, modular accommodation
  • Naturally light and healthy holiday accommodation
  • Designed by architects and engineers
  • Energy efficient and low running costs
  • Built offsite – minimal disruption to your business and holiday guests
  • Offers holiday guests a unique experience
  • Differentiate your accommodation’s marketing with the ARC’s unique design to achieve higher margins and occupancy levels
  • Green roof supports biodiversity

A unique guest experience

The unique, curved design of our ARC modular accommodation mimics forms found in nature. We pair this with a naturally light-filled space to create an unforgettably unique experience for guests.

Our focus on high quality finishes enables you to differentiate your offering as a truly unique and luxury accommodation option that can achieve higher revenues.

Eco-friendly and efficient accommodation

Our ARC modular accommodation design is entirely focused on creating a highly energy-efficient and sustainable building with low embodied carbon. We twin this with a focus on beautiful design to create a truly exceptional ARC holiday home.

In order to maximise energy efficiency and reduce your running costs, we place great importance on high levels of insulation and airtightness.

We can incorporate intuitive smart technology and renewable energy solutions (e.g. heat pumps and solar PV) into the ARC design, that could deliver an entirely off-grid holiday unit.

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  • Please give us as much information as possible, where available: the number of units required; approximate size/usage of the units required; the location of site(s); whether you have already explored planning permission for your project; and whether you will need to raise finance for the project.
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