Modular healthcare buildings

Eco-friendly, modular healthcare buildings

Our environmentally-friendly, modular healthcare buildings offer a comfortable therapeutic environment in hospitals, hospices, and other healthcare environments.

We offer three main types of ARC modular healthcare facility: patient care units that support patient needs outside a hospital environment; consulting and therapy rooms for one-to-one or group sessions; and wellbeing and respite units for staff to take time out.

Patient care

Consultation rooms

Wellbeing units

A therapeutic environment

The unique, curved design of our ARC buildings mimics forms found in nature – which when twinned with a naturally light and airy space – creates a calming, uplifting, and therapeutic environment.

Our ARC buildings are designed to maximise human comfort, and the curved internal structure is often compared with the safe feeling of ‘being given a hug’.

“…the shape of the ARC unit brings about an immediate sense of calm, and we really recognise the link between your environment, how you feel, and managing problems.”
Dr Angela Tillett

Medical Director • East Suffolk and North Essex NHS Foundation Trust

Benefits to your healthcare organisation

  • Ultra-low carbon ARC buildings for healthcare
  • Rapid site installation that minimises disruption to hospital staff, patients and visitors
  • A dignified, comfortable, healthcare space
  • A living green roof that supports biodiversity, or flexible solar photovoltaic panels to power the ARC building
  • Low maintenance and operational costs
  • Exceeds building regulations
  • Options available for special medical requirements such as fire-retardancy, hygienic interior surfaces, disabled access, anti-ligature etc.

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  • Please give us as much information as possible, where available: the number of units required; approximate size/usage of the units required; the location of site(s); whether you have already explored planning permission for your project; and whether you will need to raise finance for the project.
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