Education buildings

Eco-friendly, modular classrooms and education buildings

Our eco-friendly, ARC modular education facilities are designed for every stage and type of learning, from nurseries and school buildings, to college buildings, as well as commercial training facilities.

With our environmentally-conscious and modular approach, we can design and build high quality classrooms and education buildings that are bespoke to your project needs, whilst also being faster to build and more environmentally-friendly than traditional construction.

Eco modular classrooms

Modular SEND classrooms

Eco modular nurseries

A healthy learning environment

With plenty of natural light within an airy space, and connections to nature through the large windows and use of sustainable materials, our ARC modular buildings create calming and healthy learning environments.

When combined with the unique, curved design of our ARC buildings – which mimic forms found in nature – this can create truly special spaces that are calming and inspiring for students and staff alike.

We also focus on creating healthy learning environments through the use of air filtration and ventilation systems, as well as renewable energy solutions, where required.

Why choose the ARC by Green Unit?

  • Naturally light, healthy, and environmentally-friendly building
  • Calming and inspiring learning environment
  • Designed by architects and product designers
  • Energy efficient, high performance building
  • Built offsite – we’re onsite for a matter of hours or days
  • Low carbon building, built with sustainable materials
  • Green roof that supports biodiversity or flexible solar photovoltaic panels to power the building
  • Robust, long-term building solution
  • Exceeds building regulations
  • Design options for traditional classrooms layouts, or more agile multi-functional classroom layouts

Flexible classroom design

We work with different types of schools and educational facilities, including state-funded schools, academies, independent schools and forest schools, special educational needs schools, as well as nurseries, colleges, and commercial education providers.

Every education provider has slightly different requirements, which is why we offer a lot of flexibility in the design options of your classroom, nursery, or education facility.

We will discuss your brief to get an understanding of your project requirements before sharing ideas of different design approaches available with our ARC modular building design. We will then engage in a custom design consultation where our in-house architect-led team will design bespoke options to fit your project needs.

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  • Please give us as much information as possible, where available: the number of units required; approximate size/usage of the units required; the location of site(s); whether you have already explored planning permission for your project; and whether you will need to raise finance for the project.
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