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Low-carbon diets

In a recent LinkedIn article post, Jonathan Finnerty, M.D. of Green Unit, wrote about a new kind of ‘low carb diet’ that we should all be thinking of: one with a low carbon footprint.

Jonathan’s article was a result of a BBC 2 episode called ‘Feast to Save the Planet’ with Greg Wallace and Dr Hannah Fry. The programme is based around a dinner party with celebrity guests where everyone’s meals choices are assessed on their carbon footprint.

LinkedIn post: Low-carbon dining is the future

Food for thought

The ‘Feast to Save the Planet’ episode made Jonathan think about his own food habits, and how many people in Britain are unaware that they’re consuming the equivalent of 9 kilos of carbon dioxide every day (which is three times the level that it should be to reach net-zero carbon).

You might have wondered ‘why the plate of mussels?’ on the photo above. As they grow, mussels capture carbon via their shells.

It also made Jonathan realise that the ‘low carbon dining’ concept (low carbon menus in low carbon restaurants and cafes) is a trend that we’re likely to hear more and more about in the future.

Read Jonathan’s post about low carbon dining on LinkedIn.

Here’s another helpful article from the BBC that gives 5 simple tips that can help you lower your diet’s carbon footprint.


Page last updated: 13/08/2021


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