ARC eco-office buildings are inexpensive to run and very easy to adapt. With outstanding energy efficiency, each modular office is always at the right temperature for year-round comfort.  

With optional pollen-filtered air systems you can maintain a clean and healthy work environment. Light-filled and sound-insulated, the ARC eco-office is the ideal place to work, promoting productivity and inspiring creativity.

Smart systems for your eco-office

Our eco-office buildings can be supplied with smart systems to control temperature and air quality, and operate media, windows, blinds, gates, locks, CCTV and other appliances.

Modular offices delivered ready to start work 

ARC pre-assembled green-offices are swiftly delivered to site and craned into place within a matter of hours. They include:  

  • Lighting, plumbing, heating, ventilation
  • Floor and wall finishes
  • Kitchen and bathroom
  • Building regulation and warranty certification

Grow with your office with your business 

The unique modular shape of the ARC eco-office enables you to create the facilities you need now, and extend, add new connected buildings or change the internal configuration at a later stage.

Designed and built by craftsmen in the UK, the ARC with its 10-year warranty, life expectancy of 100+ years and ISO9001 and IS014001 approved manufacturing processes, offers an exciting opportunity for anyone wishing to create an amazing ultra-low carbon office space.

Download the Green Unit brochure or download our price guide. And to enquire about an eco-friendly modular office, fill out this form.

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  • Ultra low carbon – good for CSR, good for the environment
  • Quick and inexpensive to erect – minimal foundations needed
  • Low running costs – minimum heating requirements due to super insulation and air heat exchanger
  • Bespoke modular sections let you create the perfect building for your organisation
  • Easy to extend – simply add new modules
  • Long lifetime – engineered to offer exceptionally robust building performance
  • Bespoke furniture option – craftsman-built in the UK
  • Year-round comfort – warm in winter, cool in summer and healthy air all year round, with climate control, air heat exchanger, triple glazing and air-filtering system
  • Ventilation system offers pollen-free fresh air and helps avoid condensation
  • Planning-friendly – classified as a relocatable temporary structure
  • Large end windows provide plenty of natural light
  • Soundproofed walls for privacy and stress reducation 
  • Off-grid renewable energy system available as an upgrade



Green Unit buildings

Traditional buildings

Planning permission

Classed as permanent or temporary where permanent planning consent is impossible

Full planning consent usually required for permanent buildings

Foundation type

Lightweight building on helical piles requires minimal ground preparation and disruption

Soil removal, engineering and concrete pour usually costly, time consuming and disruptive

Speed of installation

Pre-made, pre plumbed, buildings are quick to install with no cost escalation

Lengthy preparation, first , second and finish fixing stages with cost escalation risk

Energy performance

Highly insulated, climate controlled with air heat exchanger and triple glazing

At risk of energy loss by air leakage and cold-bridging through walls and widows


Timber construction, sheep’s wool and green roof produce negative carbon footprint

Materials and production processes require heat energy, heavy transport, produce CO2

Design configuration and reconfiguration

Modular design allows unique individual configuration and low-cost reconfiguration choices

Bespoke design and reconfiguration time-consuming and costly


Configuration options

Length options

• Office space for up to 6
• Office space for up to 12
• Office space for up to 20
• Office space for up to 42

Entry door options

• French doors to side of building
• French doors to front of building
• French doors to rear of building
• Single door to rear of building
• Combination of end and side doors

Window options

• Front/rear feature window
• Roof window
• Wall window
• Mansard window (combined roof and wall windows)

Room options

• Meeting room
• Kitchen
• WC and disabled
• Store room

Layout options

• Straight
• T-shaped
• Double barrelled
• H-shaped
• Complex of multiple buildings

Furniture options

• Built-in sideboard units
• Built-in desks and benches
• Built-in storage systems
• AV and lighting system options

External finishes

• Lime render
• Red cedar cladding 
• Decking in a range of dimensions

Internal finishes

• Varnished or painted pine walls
• Fabric-covered dividing walls
• Flooring in rustic oak, white oak, dark walnut, tile, vinyl or carpet
• Solid panel door in oiled oak or limed oak
• Frosted or clear glass panelled door

Price Guide