Opening our new 25,000sqft offsite construction factory

8th September 2021

Today we announce the opening of our new factory - boosting production of our low carbon, modular buildings and creating new jobs in Oxfordshire.

We started life producing our ARC modular, eco-buildings in farm sheds, but we now have a new home in a converted hangar providing 25,000sqft of production space with space for show buildings.

Our new factory and show building site is six miles south of Oxford next to the Culham Science Centre in the heart of the Science Vale. View Lockwood Factory on Maps.

Boosting modular production and creating jobs

Our new construction factory allows us to significantly boost production as well as improve efficiency by up to 75%. We’re also creating at least ten new jobs, split between factory floor and office roles.

Demand for our ARC buildings has grown across a range of sectors, such as healthcare, education, offices, holiday accommodation, retail and leisure. The construction methods and unique design make them both versatile and ultra-low carbon. Find out more about our design principles.

As sustainable construction is a core part of our company, we ensure that our production processes are as green as possible, using local contractors and suppliers wherever possible, aiming for zero waste, and the factory itself is powered by 100% renewable energy.

Jonathan Finnerty, Managing Director at Green Unit, said:

“The company now has the benefit of up to six new production lines for its modular buildings, enabling the offsite construction of up to c.480sqm at any point in time.


The factory opening really does revolutionise Green Unit’s production space and, as such, our capacity to deliver more units to our key markets.


Investment by Beard Construction in October 2020 unlocked the funding necessary to develop the factory site. As part of that we have been able to invest in specialist machinery to streamline some of our processes and create the kind of facility we simply did not have the space for previously.


We’ve worked hard to create the demand we now have for our product, and with a serious sales pipeline emerging it certainly feels a long way from building in agricultural units.”

We’ve also been awarded a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) through Innovate UK to work closely with Oxford Brookes University over 30 months to develop and then productionise sustainable elements of our ARC buildings. A key outcome of the KTP is to reach net-zero carbon status on our ARC buildings by 2025.

Jonathan Finnerty added: “As a relatively new business, it’s a real boost to have support from well-established firms such as Beard, which share our vision for sustainable construction.”

Beard chairman, Mark Beard, formally opened the factory alongside Jonathan Finnerty in a ceremony on 8th September 2021.

Mark Beard said:

“It’s a really important step for Green Unit to take with the opening of this new facility, which will significantly increase their capacity for production.”


“This is a young, innovative company which is committed to tackling the challenges of climate change through innovation and creative design, which very much aligns with our own ethos.”


“Offsite and modular construction methods are being increasingly used in our industry, and so we could see a real opportunity for key learnings on both sides of the partnership with the investment we made in the business.”


“In construction we have a real opportunity to make a positive difference to climate change by committing to more sustainable methods of working. That is why we are proud to be part of Green Unit’s exciting future and look forward to seeing the factory up and running.”

Read more about our partnership with Beard Construction.


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