NHS Therapeutic Space for Colchester Hospital

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We are delighted to announce that the NHS has welcomed a new multipurpose therapeutic unit at Colchester Hospital. In collaboration with KLH Architects, Green Unit has provided an environmentally friendly and adaptable modular building which perfectly suits the needs of the Palliative Care Team.

When the Clinical team at Colchester Hospital required a building that was both interesting and unusual, Green Unit had the perfect idea in mind. The unique ARC™ building achieves the right balance between style and comfort, providing patients with a peaceful and personal space to escape to, away from a busy and impersonal hospital environment.

“The curved shape of the Green Unit gives an immediate feeling of calm and allows patients to relax with loved ones in a private space and comfortable environment”, notes Dr Angela Tillet, Medical Director of Colchester Hospital. As she confirms, this new therapeutic unit reflects the widely accepted medical belief that a person’s positive environment may lead to an improvement in his or her emotional wellbeing and ability to manage problems. The ARC™ achieves this, establishing a strong connection with the natural environment through its large curved glazed sections overlooking the beautifully landscaped Time Garden courtyard

Not only does this unique space provide patients with a relaxing space, but it also successfully meets the NHS’s pledge to become more environmentally friendly. Rachel Stancliffe, Founder and Director of The Centre for Sustainable Healthcare, values this key advantage, acknowledging that the ARC™’s low carbon build and high levels of operation performance is a conspicuous statement of Colchester Hospital’s commitment to meeting the NHS 80% carbon reduction targets by 2050. The building is crucially sustainable, and as Rachel Cormack of KLH Architects, advising the NHS, confirms, “the whole building far exceeds Building Regulations and has extremely low running costs.”

With the project receiving the full backing of the local community, Eric Price, principle Time Garden project volunteer, equally understands that therapeutic spaces like the ARC™ are vital in an NHS organisation.

Rachel Cormack is confident that more interest will soon follow on the part of hospital trusts. Both KLH Architects and the Clinical Team at Colchester hospital were thoroughly impressed by the whole design process and final product. “We’re really pleased to have worked with Green Unit and hope to work with them again. The functionality is excellent and this is why we went for The Green Unit”, says David Cohen, Capital Projects Manager at Colchester Hospital.

With a promise for more of these buildings to come, we very much look forward to future collaborations with the NHS.

To learn more about the NHS therapeutic unit, watch our video:

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