Introducing the ARC II Building

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Green Unit is proud to announce the launch of the ARC™ II building. As a wider unit than ARC™ I, the total internal dimension floor of ARC™ II measures at 6.4m (2.4m wider than that of ARC™ I), alongside a total internal useable space dimension of 7.2m due to the curvature of the walls. Compared with ARC™ I, ARC™ II boasts a total external dimension of 7.9m again with the length of the ARC™ set according to specific client needs.

Watch a timelapse and understand the build process of the ARC II modular, eco-building. 

6x13 2 bed 1.1

The price per square meter roughly matches that of ARC™ I building figures. Whilst capturing the same ethos as ARC™ I, this new building strongly caters to a wider variety of applications, notably visitor centres, offices, spaces for retail, and other areas which welcome a larger number of people during peak times. 

Green Unit has already delivered the components of ARC™ II to an enthusiastic client in Jersey. We look forward to the first complete installation of ARC™ II which will be used as an Administration Centre for the NHS at Colchester Hospital.