Eco-friendly, modular healthcare buildings

As a multipurpose building, the ARC caters to a wide variety of needs within the healthcare sector. From therapeutic units to reception areas and administration centres, its adaptable nature provides the ideal environment for patients and visitors. 

The right balance between style and comfort

The ARC offers a valuable, private space which grants patients a peaceful and personal space away from an often busy and impersonal hospital ward. The interesting and unusual curved design of the ARCevokes an immediate feeling of calm and effortlessly forges a strong connection with its surrounding environment.

Unique and environmentally friendly

With minimal carbon impact and green roofs that support biodiversity and innovative smart technology, the ARC is environmentally friendly and exceeds building regulations. Its low carbon build and high levels of operational performance are a conspicuous testament to its impressive sustainability.   

Don’t just take our word for it

The NHS has welcomed a therapeutic unit at Colchester Hospital. Green Unit provided a stylish and adaptable modular building which perfectly suits the needs of the Palliative Care Team. Not only does this unique space provide patients with a relaxing space, but it also successfully meets the NHS’s pledge to reduce its carbon footprint by 80% by 2050.

“We’re really pleased to have worked with Green Unit and hope to work with them again. The functionality is excellent and this is why we went for The Green Unit”, says David Cohen, Capital Projects Manager at Colchester Hospital. 

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