How do you ensure quality of build?
ARC buildings are made in accord with ISO 9001 quality management system which ensures all production processes are quality checked and meet the warrantable standard.
Do you offer a warranty?
ARC homes come with a minimum 10-year warranty. ARC commercial buildings, retail units and garden buildings can similarly be delivered with a warranty.
How long will ARC buildings last?
ARC buildings are designed to be without any vulnerability to damp and water ingress, so are expected to last indefinitely. During construction, all critical areas for protection are inspected, recorded and approved under the warranty terms.
Can I obtain a mortgage or finance for an ARC building?
The building warranty ensures ARCs are insurable, which in turn makes finance available to individuals and business wishing to offset build costs over time. Mortgages and finance are assessed on a case-by-case basis by the providers.
Can I design my own ARC?
Yes: ARCs are constructed from ‘modules’, which include different types of windows, doors, interior walls, kitchens, bathrooms etc. When commissioning an ARC™, you can select from our catalogue and modify the design by moving walls, windows etc., adding/subtracting kitchens, bathrooms etc., and selecting finishes. Once you have decided to buy an ARC, our designer will take you through the options and help you create the perfect ARC™ for you.
What size is an ARC?
ARC buildings have a fixed width of 4.2m (footprint) and can be extended to any length. Wider units, and 2-storey units have a fixed width of 6.2m (footprint), and can be extended to 13.5m long. All buildings are made of sections of 405mm, so lengths will be divisible by 405mm. Exterior widths are approx. 5.5m or 7.5m, at their widest point.
What is the ARC modular building system?
The ARC modular building system is a pre-tested building component system that makes assembling a fully approved building quick and economical. ARCs are constructed from individual modules put together in many arrangements to include door modules, floor cassette modules, wall and roof modules; window modules and glazed or solid ends. Separate ARC sections can be connected to one another using the ARC modular glazed link system. You may choose from a selection of floor and wall finish modules, bathroom and kitchen styles.
Are ARCs well insulated?
Yes, ARCs incorporate insulation systems that exceed building regulations, and considerably reduce bills.
Could my ARC be ‘zero-bills’ or a ‘low-carbon’ home?
With the addition of renewable power sources, ARCs can easily achieve ‘zero-bills’ efficiency. Solar PV panels can be fixed to the roof, and when possible we recommend a grid connection to pass unused energy to the grid in summer, and reclaim it in winter when it is needed. The ARC is an ultra low carbon building
How are ARCs heated and lit?
ARCs can be heated by different means, but we prefer in-wall and under-floor IR heating systems and air-source water heating. For extra cosiness, we recommend a wood-burning stove. Lighting is by efficient LED fittings and all electrical heating and lighting is offered with internet-linked ‘smart’ controls and individual room thermostats.
What is the acoustic performance of an ARC?
ARCs can be provided with acoustically insulated walls and doors to prevent sound transfer between rooms.
Are ARCs ventilated and cooled in summer?
ARC buildings can be supplied with HRV (heat recovery and ventilation) units, which extract the warmth from outgoing air whilst bringing in fresh air from outside. These units also act as cooling systems in the summer. We also offer a ‘brise soleil’ shading for south facing windows to prevent unmanageable solar gain.
Are ARC buildings Passivhaus, BREEAM or LEED accredited?
Accreditation for these energy performance certification schemes can be arranged as needed. The HRV system, our highest levels of insulation, and renewable power sources are necessary for highest levels of certification.
What materials are ARC buildings made from?
We hand-craft each module using natural and low impact materials: arcs are formed from timber and insulated with sheep’s wool under a living roof. Structural steel is needed for the lifting frame and pile foundations, and we use PUR insulation to achieve the best energy savings. The exterior of the building is clad in red cedar – the most durable exterior timber, or painted lime render. Our ISO 14001 accredited environmental management system ensures our factory is environmentally friendly.
Why do ARCs have a green roof?
The ARC green roof system is designed to add to the insulation of the building to keep it warm in winter and cool in summer. It also gives something back to nature by creating a habitat for bees and insects. ARCs can be made without green roofs as a low-budget option.
What maintenance do ARCs need?
ARCs are no different from other buildings in needing their gutters to be checked for fallen leaves – which is easy because they are much lower than usual! The green roof will require minimal annual weeding to keep it in top condition. All exterior components of the building should remain maintenance free for many years depending on the severity of outside conditions and the effect on the cedar cladding.
How is an ARC installed?
ARC buildings are either constructed from a kit of pre-made components on-site, or delivered in pods, which are fitted together so that electrical and plumbing circuits can be connected between pods. The whole building is connected to mains services and/or a treatment plant and certified.
Are ARC buildings available outside of the UK?
Unfortunately we are currently only able to supply the Green Unit ARC within the UK mainland as it would not be practical or efficient for us to deliver it overseas. This is because we manufacture our buildings offsite in Oxfordshire and transport the buildings to the client's site in a virtually complete state. The cost and logistics of transporting a large, virtually complete building overseas would be prohibitive for the client.
Are ARC buildings suitable for holiday rentals and other investments?
ARC buildings are fully compliant for all types of year-round use, and can be supplied with suitable finishes for both luxury and rental uses. ARCs represent an excellent low-risk investment due to their letting attractiveness and can be re-sold and relocated if plans change.
Has Green Unit received any media recognition?
Having been at the centre of the 2016 Ideal Home Show (London and Scotland), Green Unit has made friends with a number of celebrities, notably George Clarke (of Channel 4 Amazing Spaces) and the Channel 4 Grand Designs team. Future projects will be presented on TV programs when suitable customers come forward who wish to have their projects featured.
Does Green Unit have any academic links?
Green Unit has a long association with the Institute of Sustainable Development and academics at Oxford Brookes and the University of Oxford. Our first building was commissioned as a visitor centre for the University of Oxford.