Stoke Mandeville Hospital

NHS Trust works with Green Unit to deliver modular wellbeing unit for staff

The most challenging time in NHS history

The pandemic has stressed an already stretched workforce as NHS staff have gone the extra mile to care for Covid-19 patients. The pressure placed on the NHS has led to concerns of burnout and mental ill-health, with likely longer term impacts on NHS staff.

A private space for NHS staff to take time out

The Occupational Health and Wellbeing team at Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust identified a need to offer Trust staff time out of their busy working days to focus on their own health and wellbeing.

The idea was to create a private and comforting space for busy staff to go when they need time out.

The Trust identified Green Unit’s ARC buildings as the ideal solution for a standalone respite building that could be situated in a peaceful area of Stoke Mandeville Hospital’s grounds and moved around the Estate should that ever be required.

Built offsite and installed in one day

Green Unit’s brief was to design a beautiful space for NHS staff, to build it quickly, and to avoid disruption to the hospital environment.

The staff Wellbeing Unit for Stoke Mandeville Hospital is one of Green Unit’s smallest buildings at 13sqm Gross Internal Area, offering open plan space with two large sofas to comfortably seat four people.

Green Unit built the unit in its factory and installed it on pre-prepared modular foundations at Stoke Mandeville Hospital within one day.

Commemorating Sir Tom Moore

The wellbeing unit was funded by NHS Charities Together and Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust Charitable Fund, and commemorates Captain Sir Tom Moore whose incredible charitable efforts helped to fund the building.

My dad passed away from COVID-19 on Christmas Eve, so I knew that the National Day of Reflection (23 March) at work was going to be difficult for me.

Knowing that I would get upset at my desk during the minute silence, I took myself off to the new Wellbeing Pod in advance so that I could have some privacy.I was so pleased that I did, as the space was very welcoming and had a comforting atmosphere.

I was able to reflect and shed a few tears on my own, then gather myself to re-join the world of work in a better frame of mind. I would recommend the Wellbeing Pod to any staff who just need some time away from their work area. I certainly felt grateful that the space is there for us to use.


Member of staff
Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust