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Sustainability at the core

At Green Unit we believe that good business doesn’t have to compromise the environment, which is why sustainability runs through the heart of the business.

We aim to regularly review the design and build of our ARC modular buildings to count the embodied carbon; measure the energy performance; and review the sustainable materials of the spaces that we create.

Here are just a few of the things that we do at Green Unit to have a positive impact through our products, our factory site, and our stakeholders.

100% renewable energy

We’ve used 100% renewable energy to power all of our production and office needs from day 1. We also believe in conserving energy where we can. This also includes site generated solar PV and district heating systems.

Low carbon travel

To reduce our carbon miles, we limit travel as much we can. We challenge the norm and question whether a journey is really necessary. The rise of digital meetings since 2020 has played a big part in more people embracing this concept. We also encourage public transport, cycling and walking, or using EV vehicles where possible with EV charging available to staff and visitors at our factory site.

Zero waste

While we aim for zero waste, we’re not quite there yet. We regularly review our waste policies to reduce waste, in particular waste from our production processes. We’re also big advocates of the circular economy and will always try to re-purpose all raw material waste and offcuts rather than disposing of it.

Biodiversity at our 6 acres

Our aim is for our 6 acre production site to be a beacon of biodivserity with bees for pollination, composting on site, natural planting, bug hotels and allotments.

Digital first

We aim for a digital first approach to our marketing and sales collateral, so only print when we really need to because leaflets and other materials need updating regularly, and printing large quantities could lead to a lot of wastage.

Local community

We aim to regularly engage with our local community of individuals and organisations to educate people about sustainable initiatives, innovations and environmentally-friendly buildings.

Working with suppliers and stakeholders

We work with our suppliers to find innovative solutions such as reducing single-use plastic and packaging on deliveries to our factory and reducing unnecessary carbon miles for the materials that we buy.

Our One Planet Living plan

We’ve adopted the One Planet Living framework to guide our sustainability plan across the whole of the Green Unit business.

One Planet Living is Bioregional’s framework that helps organisations to realise their vision of a brighter, better zero carbon future.

There are 10 guiding principles of the One Planet Living framework which we’ve used to set out Green Unit’s ambitious sustainability plan.

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