About Green Unit

Our mission

To provide the most original and beautiful, low carbon buildings that people love to spend time in, and to do it in a planet positive way.

Sustainability at the core

We strive for the continuous sustainable improvement of our modular eco-buildings through our production processes, sustainable materials, and the renewables that we use. This way we can ensure that we’re at the cutting edge of modular design and construction. We’ve been awarded a 2.5 year Innovate UK grant and our Research and Development department is now collaborating with PhD level qualified engineers at Oxford Brookes University’s Architectural Engineering Research Group.

But our approach to sustainability is not just about our eco-buildings: it is rippled throughout the entire business. We try hard to not only reduce our environmental impact, but to create a positive environmental change in everything we do.

We’ve adopted the One Planet Living framework to guide our sustainability plan across the whole of the Green Unit business.

What we believe

At Green Unit we believe that good business doesn’t have to compromise the environment and we have a role to play as an ethical and environmentally-conscious business.

Sustainability is really important to us and it runs through the heart of the business. We are committed to ensuring our buildings are ultra-low carbon in construction and require minimal energy to keep them warm in winter and cool in summer.

We strive to be ethical in everything that we do from our factory activities, our product development and production, to being kind and considerate to our staff and the community of people that are connected by our activities.

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  • Please give us as much information as possible, where available: the number of units required; approximate size/usage of the units required; the location of site(s); whether you have already explored planning permission for your project; and whether you will need to raise finance for the project.
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