NHS Order 2 Green Unit Buildings

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Following a visit to Green Unit’s Oxfordshire premises NHS Colchester’s estate management team have today agreed to place an order for two Green Unit ARC buildings. A Palliative Care unit and a Travel and Greeting Centre.  

NHS Colchester architects KLH have worked with Green Unit to deliver ergonomic designs to provide a comforting space for patients who are too ill to be moved to their home or to a hospice to be able to have time with family in a dignified and peaceful space. 

Green Unit and KLH architects have also completed floorplan designs for a front of house NHS Colchester Hospital travel and administration centre. This 100sqm space will provide a visitor greeting space as well as an inspiring staff administration centre.

David Cohen, Capital Project Manager at Colchester Hospital, has indicated “that after almost two years of discussions,  the Trust will be purchasing two buildings from Green Unit.  One as a Palliative Care Unit and one as a front of house hospital greeting and administrative centre. This will create much needed incremental facilities for our hospital whilst creating a connection with the environmental ethos that Colchester Hospital is eager to communicate to its patients and visitors. A third Wellness Building is currently in discussion.”