Modular sustainable architecture

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The second generation version of the arc-haus, which has been in prototype development at Green Unit’s South Oxfordshire factory for the past twelve months, has been built according to Passivhaus principles. BRE have now been engaged to take the company through the process of Passivhaus certification.

The modular, sustainable architecture adopted for this building enables a phased implementation. For example, a local client urgently requires a ticket office for their botanical gardens. In the medium term they also require a visitor centre. The ticket office will be built in modular sections at Green Unit’s factory and delivered to site as soon as possible. When the client’s trustees give final approval for a 100sqm+ visitor centre, the ticket office will literally be dismantled and bolted on to the new and significantly larger section.   So, the building can grow, be reconfigured or be resited with ease and all according to a client’s phased implementation or changed circumstances.

The ARC show building will be available to view at Green Unit’s manufacturing premises in mid-August.