Flood-resistant homes by Green Unit

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Flood-safe ARCs are modular buildings raised on piles and designed for sympathetic floodplain development.

The ARC stands on a timber deck, which is engineered to require a minimal number of deep piles with supporting stanchions. The space below is used as a carport and bicycle/outdoor equipment store.

The deck is reached by steps or an extended ramp from ground level, and offers a recreational veranda around the building.

These comparatively light-weight flood-resistant buildings also make suitable floating systems where appropriate. They can be erected on a pontoon only 500mm deep, which will allow 250mm clearance above the water line. This makes them ideal for cafes and residential spaces that could float in the event of a flood.

These flood-resistant buildings offer highly energy-efficient, sustainable design, which is prefabricated for quick and cost-effective erection. They are available in a range of configurations and uses:

1–4 bedroom residential ARC

SME modular office building for up to 20 employees

Public space for educational and exhibition uses

Retail or cafeteria ARC

Advantages of Flood-Resistant ARCs

Our flood-resistant buildings have the following advantages:

Pile support system does not disrupt ground permeability or floodwater drainage

Lightweight building requires minimal pile design, which is cost-effective and minimises disruption to the natural environment

Low-rise, aesthetically attractive building enables development in sensitive locations

Attractive and spacious interior guarantees desirability to purchasers and tenants

Robust design guarantees exceptional building performance and permanence

Building is demountable, reconfigurable and can be resited, so is suitable as a temporary structure

Can be pre-fitted with renewable energy systems

Sustainable and planning-friendly example of good eco design