Green Unit – Helping to fix our broken housing market

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green unit helping to fix our broken housing market

Key proposals in the Government’s 2017 Report to encourage diversification in the housing market will create opportunities for Oxford Based Green Unit

The Department for Communities and Local Government report entitled Fixing the Broken Housing Market sets out a range of proposals.

These Include:

  • Backing small and medium-sized builders to grow, including through the Home Building Fund
  • Supporting custom-build homes with greater access to land and finance
  • Giving more people more choice over the design of their home

Green Unit create quality bespoke buildings at reduced costs due to the efficiencies of off-site construction using modular manufacturing processes.  The business is now scaling up its manufacturing capability creating exciting employment opportunities in Oxfordshire.

The increase in manufacturing capability is being funded through a crowdfunding campaign on the market leading site Crowdcube.