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five global green building trends

Phil Clayden, Head of Design at Green Unit, reviews five global green building trends and how they relate to the Green Unit ARC design.

The World Green Building Trends report the percentage of global builders with at least 60% of their projects certified as green will double from 2015 to 2018.

The main motivation is to reduce carbon emissions, the most successful way of doing this is in reducing energy usage. That is reducing energy consumption and increasing energy efficiency.

“We started in 2012”, explains Phil Clayden, “when we first started our programme of researching, developing and testing our designs for the ARC buildings.  After four years we exhibited a concept building at the Ideal Home Show and then developed prototypes.  The response from customers has been immense and we have sold all our prototype buildings.”

The five global green building trends identified involve; 

  1. sustainable building materials
  2. passive building design
  3. home energy storage
  4. home energy management systems
  5. solar panels

The Green Unit ARC uses sustainable building materials, is built according to passive building design principles, and embraces innovative smart technologies.  Therefore, home energy storage, solar panels and energy management systems can all be catered for.

The Green Unit off-site modular manufacturing process is also recognised as one of the most energy efficient construction methods with low levels of waste, high labour utilisation and high energy efficiency.

Green Unit is now raising new finance through Crowdcube to extend its manufacturing capacity and expand its range of buildings to cover three primary markets; commercial offices, residential and the premium holiday lodge market.