Green Unit takes on the efficiency challenge eluding the construction industry

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green unit takes on efficiency challenge

Oxfordshire based Green Unit is seeking to address the poor efficiency levels in the construction sector with investment in its ARC™ modular manufacturing process.

According to The Economist in August 2017, the construction industry holds the dubious honour of having the lowest productivity gains of any industry over the last twenty years (source: McKinsey).

In over twenty years, Germany and Japan, the paragons of industrial efficiency, have seen minimal growth in productivity in the construction sector. France and Italy’s productivity has fallen by one-sixth. In America productivity has plunged by half since the late sixties.

The McKinsey report makes it clear that the cost of materials is not to blame, neither is complying with the burden of regulation. They highlight two key causes of the poor productivity in the construction sector:

  • Industry's inability to gain efficiency from scale
  • Lack of capital investment

So how will Green Unit’s new approach address these issues?

Firstly: Green Unit has developed the completely unique ARC modular manufacturing process, which enables the components of buildings to be rapidly fabricated on production lines, creating huge efficiencies.

Secondly: Green Unit has developed a series of interchangeable modules for creating a wide range of buildings for many different market sectors.

Following an extensive period of testing and development, Green Unit is now poised to raise new capital for scaling-up its manufacturing capability, quadrupling production space and more than doubling its staff; creating exciting employment opportunities.

The new investment capital is being raised through Crowdcube: interested investors can learn more by visiting HERE.

The ARC modular manufacturing process, pioneered by Green Unit, creates quality bespoke buildings at reduced cost due to the efficiencies of off-site construction.

Green Unit’s ARC eco-friendly buildings offer comfort and space with minimal carbon impact. They are tailor made for customers in residential, office, retail and educational sectors.

Further details can be seen at www.greenunit.co.uk