NHS Order 2 Green Unit Buildings

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Following a visit to Green Unit’s Oxfordshire premises NHS Colchester’s estate management team have today agreed to place an order for two Green Unit ARC buildings. A Palliative Care unit and a Travel and Greeting Centre.  

NHS Colchester architects KLH have worked with Green Unit to deliver ergonomic designs to provide a comforting space for patients who are too ill to be moved to their home or to a hospice to be able to have time with family in a dignified and peaceful space. 

Green Unit and KLH architects have also completed floorplan designs for a front of house NHS Colchester Hospital travel and administration centre. This 100sqm space will provide a visitor greeting space as well as an inspiring staff administration centre.

David Cohen, Capital Project Manager at Colchester Hospital, has indicated “that after almost two years of discussions,  the Trust will be purchasing two buildings from Green Unit.  One as a Palliative Care Unit and one as a front of house hospital greeting and administrative centre. This will create much needed incremental facilities for our hospital whilst creating a connection with the environmental ethos that Colchester Hospital is eager to communicate to its patients and visitors. A third Wellness Building is currently in discussion.”


A new eco-school in Oxfordshire

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It is a pleasure to have been chosen to deliver an eco pod solution for the Treehouse School where there is a commitment to inspire and motivate primary school aged children to give them the best start in life and where their individual interests are respected.

The Trustees of the Treehouse School in Cholsey, Oxfordshire, have today decided today to proceed with an order for a series of 3 linked ARCTM buildings that will be the school's new home according to the planning permission that has been granted.

The Treehouse is an alternative non-fee paying primary school where the curriculum is bespoke and designed around the children's needs and interests. 

It is expected that ground clearance and site foundation work will commence in the next couple of months, to be followed in the new year by a phased delivery of the ARCTM buildings.

Lee Ryman, Head Teacher has confirmed...

"The Treehouse Trust are very excited that Green Unit, a growing local company who manufacture eco pod structures with high eco-credentials, has been appointed to build their new eco school in Cholsey village, Oxfordshire and we are looking forward to working with them on our innovative school project."

This forms a part of Green Unit's sales prospect pipeline which exceeds £9m.
The business is forecasting sales of £2.5m in 2018 rising to £6.3m in year 4.



Green Unit takes on the efficiency challenge eluding the construction industry

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green unit takes on efficiency challenge

Oxfordshire based Green Unit is seeking to address the poor efficiency levels in the construction sector with investment in its ARC™ modular manufacturing process.

According to The Economist in August 2017, the construction industry holds the dubious honour of having the lowest productivity gains of any industry over the last twenty years (source: McKinsey).

In over twenty years, Germany and Japan, the paragons of industrial efficiency, have seen minimal growth in productivity in the construction sector. France and Italy’s productivity has fallen by one-sixth. In America productivity has plunged by half since the late sixties.

The McKinsey report makes it clear that the cost of materials is not to blame, neither is complying with the burden of regulation. They highlight two key causes of the poor productivity in the construction sector:

  • Industry's inability to gain efficiency from scale
  • Lack of capital investment

So how will Green Unit’s new approach address these issues?

Firstly: Green Unit has developed the completely unique ARC modular manufacturing process, which enables the components of buildings to be rapidly fabricated on production lines, creating huge efficiencies.

Secondly: Green Unit has developed a series of interchangeable modules for creating a wide range of buildings for many different market sectors.

Following an extensive period of testing and development, Green Unit is now poised to raise new capital for scaling-up its manufacturing capability, quadrupling production space and more than doubling its staff; creating exciting employment opportunities.

The new investment capital is being raised through Crowdcube: interested investors can learn more by visiting HERE.

The ARC modular manufacturing process, pioneered by Green Unit, creates quality bespoke buildings at reduced cost due to the efficiencies of off-site construction.

Green Unit’s ARC eco-friendly buildings offer comfort and space with minimal carbon impact. They are tailor made for customers in residential, office, retail and educational sectors.

Further details can be seen at www.greenunit.co.uk


Five Global Green Building Trends – Green Unit is on message

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five global green building trends

Phil Clayden, Head of Design at Green Unit, reviews five global green building trends and how they relate to the Green Unit ARC design.

The World Green Building Trends report the percentage of global builders with at least 60% of their projects certified as green will double from 2015 to 2018.

The main motivation is to reduce carbon emissions, the most successful way of doing this is in reducing energy usage. That is reducing energy consumption and increasing energy efficiency.

“We started in 2012”, explains Phil Clayden, “when we first started our programme of researching, developing and testing our designs for the ARC buildings.  After four years we exhibited a concept building at the Ideal Home Show and then developed prototypes.  The response from customers has been immense and we have sold all our prototype buildings.”

The five global green building trends identified involve; 

  1. sustainable building materials
  2. passive building design
  3. home energy storage
  4. home energy management systems
  5. solar panels

The Green Unit ARC uses sustainable building materials, is built according to passive building design principles, and embraces innovative smart technologies.  Therefore, home energy storage, solar panels and energy management systems can all be catered for.

The Green Unit off-site modular manufacturing process is also recognised as one of the most energy efficient construction methods with low levels of waste, high labour utilisation and high energy efficiency.

Green Unit is now raising new finance through Crowdcube to extend its manufacturing capacity and expand its range of buildings to cover three primary markets; commercial offices, residential and the premium holiday lodge market.

Green Unit – Helping to fix our broken housing market

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green unit helping to fix our broken housing market

Key proposals in the Government’s 2017 Report to encourage diversification in the housing market will create opportunities for Oxford Based Green Unit

The Department for Communities and Local Government report entitled Fixing the Broken Housing Market sets out a range of proposals.

These Include:

  • Backing small and medium-sized builders to grow, including through the Home Building Fund
  • Supporting custom-build homes with greater access to land and finance
  • Giving more people more choice over the design of their home

Green Unit create quality bespoke buildings at reduced costs due to the efficiencies of off-site construction using modular manufacturing processes.  The business is now scaling up its manufacturing capability creating exciting employment opportunities in Oxfordshire.

The increase in manufacturing capability is being funded through a crowdfunding campaign on the market leading site Crowdcube.