Multi-purpose ARC II delivered to the Vindolanda Trust

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In March 2020 we installed a 109sqm ARC II modular, eco-building at the site of the Roman Vindolanda fort, in Northumberland 

Green Unit ARC II at the Vindolanda Trust

Partnering with Verditek to offer a complete, off-grid, modular building

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We're partnering with Verditek to offer a complete, off-grid, modular building 

Today we're annoucing a partnership with Verditek, a clean technology company that develops, manufactures, and sells certified lightweight solar panels. Under the new partnership Green Unit is seeking to incorporate Verditek’s next generation solar panels onto the roofs of our modular, eco buildings.

Time lapse of modular eco-building built in Green Unit’s factory

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Watch our time lapse video below and read on to find out what’s involved in the offsite build process of our ARC eco-friendly, modular buildings.

This time lapse video shows the offsite construction of our 109sqm* ARC II building for The Vindolanda Trustan archaeological UNESCO World Heritage Site in Northumberland.

* Gross Internal Area


90 sqm ARC at 45 acre site near Canterbury

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We’ve installed a new ARC at an environmentally-conscious holiday resort, Great Field Farm, near Canterbury in Kent

Green Unit ARC Glazed window endWe designed and manufactured the eco-building offsite in modular sections at our production site in Culham, Oxfordshire, and delivered to the Great Field Farm site virtually complete.

Exciting Move to Lockwood Farm

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Lockwood farm

Green Unit will be making some exciting scaling developments with its move to Lockwood Farm which will provide a secure covered space of 21000 sqm. With its lofty 15m height, Lockwood Farm hanger is annexed right next door to the Culham Science Park and will become a part of the buzz surrounding the Science Vale’s pre-eminence in cutting edge technology and innovation.