Partnering with Verditek to offer a complete, off-grid, modular building

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We're partnering with Verditek to offer a complete, off-grid, modular building 

Today we're annoucing a partnership with Verditek, a clean technology company that develops, manufactures, and sells certified lightweight solar panels. Under the new partnership Green Unit is seeking to incorporate Verditek’s next generation solar panels onto the roofs of our modular, eco buildings.

The partnership marks Green Unit’s first collaboration with another company in the clean-tech space as we start trials of Verditek's technology on our uniquely curved ARC eco-buildings. The offering will allow Green Unit to offer clients a complete off-grid, modular building solution.

Green Unit and Verditek met at Cambridge Cleantech’s Cleantech Venture Day, an event for innovative, clean technology companies via their Oxfordshire Greentech membership.

Verditek’s lightweight solar panels are less than 3mm thick and, being flexible, are able to wrap around the ARC’s beautiful curved roof. Since they use conventional silicon PV technology they harvest the same amount of power from sunlight that a conventional rigid panel does, and now integrate into the ARC roof.

Green Unit Verditek Solar roof mockup

By introducing a solar roof ARC buildings can generate their own power, enabling them to be sited in more remote locations where infrastructure and grid connections are limited. They will have battery storage and a bio-generator so that the building will continue to be powered even in cloudy conditions. The ARC’s high-end insulation and airtightness mean that it does not require much power to heat or cool the space in winter and summer months respectively.

To date, all of Green Unit’s low carbon ARC buildings have had natural, green roofs which support biodiversity and perform small-scale carbon sinking, as well as acting as a water buffer against rainwater and flooding. Green Unit will continue to offer green roofs to clients as well as the solar roofs.

Jonathan Finnerty, Managing Director of Green Unit, said “Partnering with Verditek is a very exciting step for Green Unit and we’re looking forward to offering our clients a fully integrated, off-grid modular building. Our companies share an ethos around sustainability and design and strive to offer a building solution to clients that meets the highest form and functional standards.

“This also marks an important step for Green Unit with what we plan will be the first of many Research and Development trials out of our new six-acre Oxfordshire Science Vale site as we continue to partner with other green-tech companies from the built environment.”

Dr Geoff Nesbitt, CEO of Verditek, said “Verditek’s purpose is to make sustainable energy generation possible anywhere in the world, so we’re thrilled to be working with Green Unit and offer their clients the opportunity to embrace sustainable energy to power their buildings. Our low profile panels provide a uniquely elegant sustainable power option for customers when integrated into the ARC roof. We look forward to helping Green Unit increase the options available to their customers.”


See more about this in the news https://oxford.techtribe.co/eco-builders-deal-with-solar-panel-maker-opens-way-to-place-homes-at-off-the-grid-sites/

Time lapse of modular eco-building built in Green Unit’s factory

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Watch our time lapse video below and read on to find out what’s involved in the offsite build process of our ARC eco-friendly, modular buildings.

This time lapse video shows the offsite construction of our 109sqm* ARC II building for The Vindolanda Trustan archaeological UNESCO World Heritage Site in Northumberland.

* Gross Internal Area


90 sqm ARC at 45 acre site near Canterbury

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We’ve installed a new ARC at an environmentally-conscious holiday resort, Great Field Farm, near Canterbury in Kent

Green Unit ARC Glazed window endWe designed and manufactured the eco-building offsite in modular sections at our production site in Culham, Oxfordshire, and delivered to the Great Field Farm site virtually complete.

Exciting Move to Lockwood Farm

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Lockwood farm

Green Unit will be making some exciting scaling developments with its move to Lockwood Farm which will provide a secure covered space of 21000 sqm. With its lofty 15m height, Lockwood Farm hanger is annexed right next door to the Culham Science Park and will become a part of the buzz surrounding the Science Vale’s pre-eminence in cutting edge technology and innovation.

Introducing the ARC II Building

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 interior 4

Green Unit is proud to announce the launch of the ARC™ II building. As a wider unit than ARC™ I, the total internal dimension floor of ARC™ II measures at 6.4m (2.4m wider than that of ARC™ I), alongside a total internal useable space dimension of 7.2m due to the curvature of the walls. Compared with ARC™ I, ARC™ II boasts a total external dimension of 7.9m again with the length of the ARC™ set according to specific client needs.

Watch a timelapse and understand the build process of the ARC II modular, eco-building. 

6x13 2 bed 1.1

The price per square meter roughly matches that of ARC™ I building figures. Whilst capturing the same ethos as ARC™ I, this new building strongly caters to a wider variety of applications, notably visitor centres, offices, spaces for retail, and other areas which welcome a larger number of people during peak times. 

Green Unit has already delivered the components of ARC™ II to an enthusiastic client in Jersey. We look forward to the first complete installation of ARC™ II which will be used as an Administration Centre for the NHS at Colchester Hospital.