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The Arc by Green Unit Discover
The perfect level of comfort and space

Beautiful, modular eco-buildings

At Green Unit we design and build ultra-low carbon modular ARC buildings for commercial, community and accommodation environments. Our focus is a beautiful and ultra-low carbon building that’s designed to optimise human comfort.


Patient care. Consultation rooms. Wellbeing units.


Classrooms. SEND. Nurseries.


Offices. Business parks. Site offices. Garden offices.

Retail & leisure

Visitor centres. Cafes. Retail. Spas.

Holiday retreats & hotels


Developments. Retirement homes. Eco-homes. Airspace developments.

Energy-efficient eco-buildings

Introducing the ARC by Green Unit

We call our modular buildings ‘The ARC’. We design our ARC buildings with our uniquely curved structure that mimics forms found in nature, which we combine with a naturally light-filled and airy design to create a space that’s incredibly calming and uplifting.

Our ARC building design uses sustainable materials and focuses on high levels of insulation and airtightness to ensure a highly efficient, green building.

Unique modular design

Highly adaptable, bespoke for you

Our modular design and offsite build process ensures that we deliver high-quality eco-buildings in a quick yet bespoke way for every client.

The unique curved modular structure is common across all our ARC buildings, and we design and build every building to suit individual project requirements.


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